Hair Technology Ltd - Restoring hair and changing lives

Our Services
The help we offer depends upon the person's requirements but here is a summary of the services  :
1. Hair replacement
We select the very best suppliers worldwide and offer the very latest techniques, many exclusively in Scotland,  for the best price. GUARANTEED.
Hair loss reversed

2. Hair enhancement
For those who just want more hair or thicker hair but who don't want the hassle and ongoing cost of extensions, our enhancement techniques (such as the Volumiser which we exclusively offer in Scotland) are ideal.

Thinning concealed

3. Trichology
Our in-house Trichologists offer exclusive products formulated to deal with specific scalp or hair disorders. We are proud to offer a full consultation service with microscopic hair analysis to allow a healthy cycle of new hair growth.


4. Treatments
All proven pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatments are offered together with the option of laser therapy. This allows us to prepare individualised programs designed to regrow your hair and reverse the thinning process.

Scalp constructionscalp5

5. Transplants
We work with some of the best surgeons in Europe and are proud to offer a  full assessment of your suitability for the very latest techniques such as Follicular Unit Extraction, not to mention enhanced strip extraction techniques.

6. Combined laser and Trichological treatment programmes

Exclusively in Scotland we offer an intensive course of in-salon treatments, taking the very best of in-salon laser treatments and combining this with state of the art Trichological treatments, imported direct from Italy. The course would involve twice weekly visits for the first six months, when high power laser treatments and Trichological treatments are administered, along with complimentary hair cuts and styling. During the second six month period, the treatments don't need to be so intensive but weekly visits are recommended. This bespoke package is available in three, six or twelve month blocks with these packages including all in-salon treatments, haircuts and styling as well as an ongoing supply of Trichological products for use at home during the course of the treatment at no extra cost