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We hope you can find everything you need. Hair Technology is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
No hair loss worriesWe are Scotland's most innovative hair experts, offering help to men and women, young and old, with any problems with their hair or scalp. Hairloss or thinning hair can seriously diminish the quality of a person's life - our aim is simple, to let them enjoy life, without worrying about their hair.
As part of the eMPower group, we are able to offer all proven treatments and procedures from our conveniently located centre in the heart of Glasgow. Our expertise is unsurpassed and having established an excellent reputation internationally, we are proud to offer the very latest techniques. What's more we offer complete peace of mind through our lowest price guarantee, ensuring that our techniques, although state of the art, remain affordable.
Hair loss can effect men and womenAt Hair Technology we know that a little help with your hair can make a world of difference but we never forget that your hopes and expectations are precious - for this reason we will never suggest anything we don't believe in, neither will we undervalue the trust placed in us over the years by our clients.
We have always been at the forefront of the latest developments and by being recognised internationally, we have introduced many innovations to Scotland. This desire to innovate, coupled with our unparalled customer service, means that there really is no other business better placed than Hair Technology to help you with your hair. Most of all, however,we just want to help you be happy with your hair and get on with enjoying life.
Our hair replacement technology is state of the art and over the past 18 years or so we have established ourselves as THE experts in this field in Scotland. At Hair Technology we are proud to be the only Scottish centre recommended by
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Proven hair replacement in ScotlandAt Hair Technology we are aware of our competitors' claims but we prefer to deal with facts. Please look at our history of achievements on the following page to see why more and more people trust and recommend us.
Taking the knowledge and experience gathered in the private sector, we are proud to have launched in 2014 our sister business, Sanctuary in Glasgow's Southside, and this not for profit venture just underlines the difference we want to make.
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